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London to Barcelona - The Ride
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Day 10 October 6th 2012 - Moissac to Fontbeauzard (Total 44 miles - Running Total 670 miles)

Today with only 44 miles to cycle I started the day rather late with Michael dropping me at the Canal at the point he had picked me up last night. If I was to say I was tired it would be an under statement - I was whacked. Yesterday had depleted me and I started the ride today with little enthusiasm.

Once again this leg of the journey would take me along the Canal to Fontbeauzard, a rather dull suburb of Toulouse. My love of the canal was fading fast and whilst this should have been a relatively easy day, it dragged on for ages and ages. I was bored with the scenery which was much the same for mile after mile and this particular stretch of the Canal was very boring in deed, especially as I got closer to Fontbeauzard.

Michael started the ride with me and rode with me for an hour or so. We then left the canal to go into a small town for lunch after which he cycled back to the car leaving me to continue to Fontbeauzard where I arrived late in the afternoon. This was such an awful day. I was physically and mentally drained and really quite depressed and made my mind up that I would rather cycle on the busy roads tomorrow to Carcassonne than to stay on this Canal any longer. I really hated it now after nearlly 100 miles of cycling along it and was fast going out of my mind. Despite my initial love affair with it, it was one love affair that was doomed not to last.