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London to Barcelona - The Ride
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Day 8- October 4th 2012 Riberac to Duras (Total 58 miles - Running Total 543 miles)

Today would break a psychological barrier as I would pass the half way mark to Barcelona. It was also a day when I followed a useful tip from a cycling friend to wear two pairs of cycling shorts to double up the padding on my bum and whilst it did not solve the problem totally, it certainly helped a lot. I only wish I had started the ride like this. It might have saved me a lot of unnecessary pain.

This leg of the journey would entail more very steep climbs and a continuing very strong head wind but at least after today the terrain would be a lot flatter until I reach the Pyrenees. The weather was now becoming increasingly warm with the afternoon temperature in the upper seventies and that combined with the climbs and head wind made this another tough day. At least though I arrived in Duras at a more reasonable time and was able to unwind on the terrace with a glass of local red wine. I was definitely reaping the benefit of wearing two pairs of shorts