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Laurence Beresford

Lawrence Matz


London to Barcelona - The Ride
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Day 4- Sep 30th 2012 Nogent le Rotrou to Onzain (Total 75 miles - Running Total 284 miles)

Another freezing start to the day in Nogent-le-Rotrou but once again not a cloud in the sky and a promise of a warm day to come once a rather heavy morning fog had lifted. Cycling out of Nogent it did not take long before I was cycling through more stunning countryside. The hills soon gave way to flatter terrain and some beautiful forests. I met some Americans who were on a cycling holiday and cycled with them for an hour or so. Being on my own was proving to be difficult and I welcomed some company. This was a day of two halves because the second half of the day was such boring flat open countryside which should have proven an easy ride but a strong head wind made progress difficult.

What a long laborious day, but at least the hotel which greeted me in Onzain was spectacular and with an upgraded room with a bath rather than a shower, I was able to soak my aching bum and relax. The hotel was without a restaurant though and once again I found myself having to go into the village to eat a rather average meal with Michael in one of only two restaurants in the village, with the better of the two restaurants having no room - c'est la vie