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Laurence Beresford

Lawrence Matz


London to Barcelona - The Ride
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Day 7- October 3rd 2012 Roumaziers Loubert to Riberac (Total 63 miles - Running Total 485 miles)

The hotel in Roumaziers provided a great nights sleep and considering how down beat I felt yesterday, I felt quite fresh this morning. Today promised many steep climbs but funny enough the climbs throughout the ride so far were not so much a problem as the fierce head wind that had plagued me for so long and continued to do so.

Today would also be a day when I would meet some of the local wildlife including a poisonous viper and a very large brown bear. It would also be a day when I learned never lean over a wire fence to pat a horse on the head - both me and the horse got electrocuted. How was I to know the bloody fence was electrified?  So much for health and safety in France.

The first part of the ride went quite quickly but the pain I had in my butt soon returned with a vengeance and it wasn't long before I was in agony once again. This was becoming a huge problem and slowing me down as I had to make frequent stops to get some relief from being on the saddle. Eventually reached Riberac very tired in late afternoon.